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    Converting a proprietorship into a private limited company is a strategic evolution that entrepreneurs often consider to unlock a new phase of growth and stability. In the entrepreneurial journey, the shift from a proprietorship, known for its simplicity and ease of setup, to a private limited company introduces a range of advantages.

    This transformation not only brings the benefits of limited liability but also enhances access to funding, credibility in the market, and the overall robustness of the business structure. In this process, businesses position themselves for a more expansive and resilient future within the corporate landscape. Converting a proprietorship to a private limited company goes beyond mere formality; it entails embracing a more sophisticated business model that aligns with ambitious growth objectives.

    In essence, converting a proprietorship to a private limited company is a multifaceted decision, representing a strategic pivot towards a more resilient, scalable, and credible business identity. It is a proactive step that lays the groundwork for a dynamic and flourishing future in the corporate landscape.

    The whole process will be managed by a Certified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary

    Documents Checklist

    We have compiled a detailed list of  documents required to convert your Sole Proprietorship to Private Limited Company

    Identity Proof

    Other Documents

    Address Proof

    Forms to be submitted to MCA


    Conversion Process

    in 3 Simple Steps

    At Bright Accounts, we have simplified the entire conversion process of a converting Sole Proprietorship to Private Limited Company into 3 simple steps. This makes your journey smooth, structured and easy.

    After successful submission and verification you will be receive a Certificate of Incorporation which can then be used to open a new bank account or update details in an existing bank account.


    What's Good

    about converting Sole Proprietorship to Private Limited Company

    Limited Liability Protection

    Shareholders enjoy safeguarded personal assets, and their liability is confined to the extent of their investment, providing a secure financial environment and risk mitigation.

    Transferable Ownership

    Ownership transfer is facilitated through share transfers, streamlining business succession planning and creating avenues for selling or exiting the business.

    Separate Legal Entity

    Operating as a distinct legal entity with perpetual succession ensures stability, credibility, and seamless continuity during ownership or management transitions.

    Tax Benefits and Incentives

    Eligibility for tax deductions, exemptions, and reduced rates leads to substantial tax savings, contributing to improved profitability for the company.

    Capital Accessibility and Funding Opportunities

    Private limited companies improved access to capital by issuing shares, attracting investments for expansion, and supporting financial resources for sustained growth.

    Effective Governance and Compliance

    Stringent regulations promote good corporate governance, financial transparency, and accountability, thereby reducing legal and compliance risks for the company.

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    Convert your Sole Proprietorship to Private Limited Company

    When you convert your Sole Proprietorship to Private Limited Company with the help of Bright Accounts, you not only get the items mentioned on the side, you also get a friend who advices, guides and helps you grow into a great business. 

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    Prerequisites or Conditions

    The following are conditions for Prerequisites for conversions of a Proprietorship to Private Limited Company

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, it is necessary to have a minimum of two directors in a Private Limited Company Registration.

    The entire process is fully online, eliminating the need for physical presence at our office or any other location. Get in touch with Vakilsearch to know more.

    A new bank account under the name of Private Limited Company needs to be opened and should close the one used for the sole proprietorship. Hence, all cheques and bank transfers must be made under the Private Limited Company.

    An NRI or Foreign National can become a Director in a Private Limited Company by obtaining DIN. However, the Board of Directors must include at least one Resident of India.

    Yes, any individual can start a company who is of Indian origin/Non Resident Indian( NRI)/ Overseas Citizen of India(OCI)/ Person of Indian Origin(PIO). Even any foreign nationals can also start a company in India with the mandatory documents. But there should be a minimum of 2 directors and a maximum of upto 200 directors.

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    There are many reasons why clients choose Bright Accounts, but from our experience we have listed the four main reason why you should go with us.

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