Business Pitch Deck & Business Plan

Bright Accounts helps young entrepreneurs with bright ideas in creation of Business Pitch Decks and Business Plans. Our Pitch Decks and Plans are a culmination of clients vision, market, realistic forecasts and understanding investor perception.

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    A Business Pitch Desk is a presentation or set of slides that provides an overview of the business to potential investors with key insights of your company. It goes by various names such as Investment pitch, Investor pitch or Investment business plan. It contains the provided products or services , market potential, competition, financials, and other key aspects.

    An impressive pitch deck is designed to captivate potential investors, generating excitement about the business idea and prompting engaging conversations about its potential.

    As Bright Accounts, we offer you expert assistance in presenting your idea, why your idea works, short and long term plan and forecast in a way that gets maximum impressions and funding. We will help you set the stage for your dream project.


    How does Financial
    Health Check help you

    The following are some of the short term and long term benefits of Financial Health Check

    Captures Attention

    A compelling pitch deck grabs the attention of potential investors, creating interest in your business.

    Highlights Unique Selling Points

    The deck showcases what makes your business unique and why it stands out in the market.

    Creates Value

    If presented nicely, the pitch deck can not only show value but create a sense of value in the mind of investors.

    Clear Communication

    It provides a concise and clear communication of your business model, value proposition, and financial projections.

    Visual Appeal

    Visual elements such as graphs and charts make complex information more digestible, enhancing the overall appeal

    Guides the Presentation

    It serves as a guide during presentations, helping you stay focused and on track with key points.

    Builds Confidence

    A professionally designed deck builds confidence in investors by showcasing your understanding of the market and your business strategy.

    Increases Credibility

    A well-prepared pitch deck increases the credibility of your business, fostering trust with investors.

    Conveys Financial Health

    Including financial data and projections showcases the financial health of your business, a critical aspect for investors.


    Get a Business Pitch Deck

    in 3 Simple Steps

    During the initial and funding stages, things start to seem really complicated. For that reason, we have created the entire process of getting your amazing pitch deck designed quite simple. This makes your experience smooth, structured and easy.

    Bright Accounts will help you navigate the structure of a pitch deck and help you make sense of the financial data. Once the final pitch deck is ready, you an start pitching to potential investors.

    Your pitch deck is designed by experienced Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries & Cost Accountants.

    business plan services

    A Business Plan that achieves your vision

    A good Business Plan will help you steer your business as you start and grow. It will align you and the entire team to achieve a common goal by providing a roadmap. Let’s create a Business Plan that is clear, strategic and profitable.

    what will you get

    What's included in a Business Plan

    The following are some of components that will be part of your business plan

    Executive Summary

    A brief overview of the business, including its mission, vision, and goals.

    Funding Request

    If seeking funding, a clear outline of the amount and purpose.

    Organization and Management

    Details about the organizational structure and key team members.

    Company Description

    Detailed information about the company, its structure, and its founding.

    Product or Services

    Description of the products or services offered.

    Financial Projections

    Future financial forecasts, including income statements and balance sheets.

    Market Analysis

    Examination of the industry, target market, and competitors.

    Marketing and Sales

    Strategies for promoting and selling products or services.


    Additional information, such as resumes, permits, or supporting documents.


    Make a Business Plan

    in 3 Simple Steps

    Speak with a Bright Accounts expert to discuss and define your business goals and aspirations. Then we will create a Business Plan that will be tailored to your business goals.

    Let's do this! speak with an expert to understand how best we can help you. This call is completely free.

    Bright Accounts will guide you throughout the process of creating a business plan that not only meets industry standards but also stands out and resonates with your potential investors or stakeholders.


    What our clients say

    These guys helped me and my co-founder in creation of a Business Pitch. Understanding dilution of equity, valuations, cashflows etc. was quite new but they made it simple for us.
    Rekha & Suman
    We grow ayurvedic herbs in Karnataka. Bright Accounts, helped us navigate the entire registration process of company and then created a business plan so we could start exporting.
    Our business pitch was made by BA for our lead management app. The service was good and insightful.
    Professional and very knowledgeable. Due to IT background, didn't know much of business plan. Have started a gardening startup with these guys planning. Thank you.

    Why Bright Accounts

    There are many reasons why clients choose Bright Accounts, but from our experience we have listed the four main reason why you should go with us.

    Bright & Knowledgeable

    Bright Accounts delivers high quality financial services by a team of bright and knowledgeable experts.

    Always happy to help

    Bright Accounts commit to provide dedicated support and assistance to our clients.

    Professional & Approachable

    We maintain a high level of professionalism while being easily approachable for our clients.

    Easy & Quick

    We focus on streamlining and simplifying the complex processes for our clients.

    Our financial advisors are not only certified Chartered Accountants but also have good experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The recommended  investment pitch deck slide should be no more than 10-15 slides long. Investors have short attention spans, so you need to be concise and to the point.

    Where a pitch deck is a short presentation that is designed to persuade investors to invest in your company. A business plan is a more detailed document that provides a comprehensive overview of your company.

    Yes, we customize the Pitch Deck to suit your specific audience, whether it’s investors, potential partners, or stakeholders. We also tailor the content and design to align with different funding stages, whether you’re seeking seed funding, Series A investment, or strategic partnerships.

    The timeline for creating a Pitch Deck depends on the complexity of your business and the scope of the project. Typically, we aim to deliver the initial draft within 1-2 weeks after the initial consultation, with additional time for revisions based on your feedback.

    Our Pitch Deck Service stands out for its combination of professional design, strategic content development, and personalized attention to your business needs. We work closely with you to ensure that your Pitch Deck effectively tells your story and captures the interest of your target audience.

    Our Business Plan Service offers expert guidance and support to develop a customized, professional business plan tailored to your specific needs and objectives. We help you articulate your vision, analyze market trends, and create a strategic roadmap for success.

    Yes, we offer Business Plan revision and updating services to help entrepreneurs adapt to changing market conditions, refine strategies, and incorporate new information or insights. We can review your existing Business Plan, identify areas for improvement, and make necessary updates to keep it relevant and effective.

    Bought Together

    There are many reasons why clients choose Bright Accounts, but from our experience we have listed the four main reason why you should go with us.

    Get your GST Number in 3 days

    GST Registration is mandatory for all business entities. Bright Accounts can help you obtain a GST number in 3 simple steps.

    Obtain Start-up India Registration

    Avail benefits under the Start-up India Scheme by registering your business. Bright Accounts will help you register in 3 simple steps.

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    Let's register your Trademark. Bright Accounts has experience in registering many Trademarks. Our process is simple, easy and hassle-free.