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With Bright Accounts, you get Accounting and Bookkeeping Services tailored to your business. Save time, money by outsourcing Accounting and Bookkeeping Services to Bright Accounts.

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Streamline Your Finances: Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Keeping track of your business finances is crucial for its success. Efficient bookkeeping provides valuable insights into your business operations and forms the foundation for strategic financial planning. 

From recording journal entries to maintaining comprehensive accounts, bookkeeping is essential not just for tax purposes but also for long-term business benefits.

Let Bright Accounts streamline this process for your business with our Accounting and Bookkeeping Services. We can reduce financial costs and save you time, ultimately enhancing overall business efficiency. We ensure your books are meticulously managed throughout the year, providing timely reports such as balance sheets and P&L statements. Our services cater to businesses of all sizes and industries.


Why should you outsource to Bright Accounts

The following are some of the ways in which outsourcing Accounting and Bookkeeping Services will benefit you

Periodical Availability of Various Reports for Analysis

Bright Accounts ensures that essential reports such as balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and debtor reports are available timely. This enables thorough analysis and informed decision-making.

Higher Profits

Outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping contributes to higher profits by streamlining financial activities. Accurate and well-managed financial records pave the way for strategic financial planning, ultimately leading to increased profitability.


By entrusting accounting and bookkeeping tasks to Bright Accounts, businesses benefit from cost-effective solutions. Outsourcing eliminates the need for in-house resources, reducing overall financial expenditure and dependencies.

Peace of Mind

Outsourcing books and accounting to Bright Accounts provides peace of mind to business owners. Knowing that accounting and bookkeeping tasks are in capable hands allows them to focus on growing their business without the stress of financial management.


Our efficient accounting and bookkeeping services save businesses valuable time. This allows them to focus on core operations, enhancing productivity and ensuring that time-sensitive tasks are handled promptly.

Great Assistance to Statutory Audit

Bright Accounts acts as a valuable ally during statutory audits. Their meticulous bookkeeping services and adherence to financial regulations contribute to a smooth and successful audit process.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Process

Save money & time in

3 Simple Steps

At Bright Accounts, we have seamlessly simplified the Accounting and Bookkeeping Services journey. When you outsource these services to Bright Accounts you save both money and time. This makes your experience smooth, structured and easy.

After the necessary information and scope of work has been gathered you can get back to growing your business and let Bright Accounts manage your accounts. The expert team at Bright Accounts will provide you frequent updates and save you time and money.

What do you get

when you avail our Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Ready to Grow your Business?

When you outsource your accounting and book-keeping processes to Bright Accounts, you not only get the items mentioned on the side, you also get a friend who advices, guides and helps you grow into a great business. 

Transaction Support Services

Transaction Support Services

Support services refers to a set of professional services provided to businesses and individuals involved in various financial transactions. These services are designed to assist clients in making well-informed decisions, mitigating risks, and optimising the outcome of the transaction. Transaction support services are often sought during mergers and acquisitions, business sales, investments, and other significant financial transactions

Key Components of

Transaction Support Services

Due Diligence

Conducting a comprehensive examination of the target company's financial, operational, and legal aspects to identify potential risks and opportunities. This helps the client make informed decisions and understand the overall health of the business.

Contract Review

Conducting a thorough review of contracts and agreements associated with the transaction. This includes analysing terms and conditions to identify potential liabilities and ensure alignment with the client's goals.

Financial Analysis

Evaluating the financial performance of the entities involved in the transaction. Financial analysts assess historical financial data, cash flow projections, and key financial metrics to provide insights that guide decision-making.

Valuation Services

Determining the fair market value of assets, businesses, or securities involved in the transaction. Valuation services help clients understand the economic worth of the entities under consideration.

Deal Structuring

Collaborating with clients to develop strategic and effective deal structures. This involves optimising the terms of the transaction to meet specific business objectives, manage risks, and enhance the overall value of the deal.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring that the transaction complies with relevant laws and regulations. Transaction support professionals help clients navigate complex regulatory requirements, minimising legal risks and ensuring a smooth transaction process.

Payroll Management Services

Streamline and Simplify the Payroll Process

Connect with Bright Accounts today for a smoother and stress-free experience in processing and administration of employee salaries, wages, bonuses, and deductions. We ensure accuracy, compliance with tax regulations and labor laws, and timely payments to employees

Key Aspects of

Payroll Management Services

Salary Calculation

Determining accurate and timely payments for employees based on factors such as hours worked, salary rates, and any additional allowances.


Maintaining accurate records of employee compensation, tax withholdings, and other payroll-related information.

Employee Benefits

Managing and administering employee benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks.

Tax Deductions

Handling the calculation and deduction of various taxes, including income tax, social security contributions, and other statutory deductions.

Direct Deposits

Facilitating electronic fund transfers for employee salaries directly to their bank accounts.

Support and Consultation

Offering ongoing support and guidance on payroll-related matters, including compliance issues and inquiries from employees.


Ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal regulations governing payroll, tax, and labour laws to avoid legal issues and penalties.

Payroll Reporting

Providing detailed reports and analytics on payroll expenses, allowing businesses to make informed financial decisions.

Technology Integration

Implementing and utilising payroll software and technology to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.

Why Bright Accounts

There are many reasons why clients choose Bright Accounts, but from our experience we have listed the four main reason why you should go with us.

Bright & Knowledgeable

Bright Accounts delivers high quality financial services by a team of bright and knowledgeable experts.

Always happy to help

Bright Accounts commit to provide dedicated support and assistance to our clients.

Professional & Approachable

We maintain a high level of professionalism while being easily approachable for our clients.

Easy & Quick

We focus on streamlining and simplifying the complex processes for our clients.

TDS Returns Filing

Let us help manage your TDS Returns Filing

Ready to simplify your TDS Returns? Connect with Bright Accounts today for a smoother and stress-free experience in filing your TDS returns!


Types of TDS Returns

Bright Accounts is here to assist with your annual compliances, including TDS filings. Let's break it down:

TDS Form 24Q

Employers deduct TDS under Section 192 of the Income Tax Act 1961 while paying employee salaries. Form 24Q is the quarterly statement filed by the employer, detailing the salary paid and TDS deducted.

Form 27EQ

For tax collected at the source, Form 27EQ is filed every quarter under Section 206C of the Income Tax Act 1961. Both corporate and government collectors and deductors are required to submit this form.

TDS Form 26Q

Form 26Q is used when TDS is deducted on payments other than salary. It includes details of the total amount paid and TDS deducted during a specific quarter, with a requirement to submit it every quarter.

Form 27Q

This form reports Tax Deducted at Source on payments other than salary made to Non-resident Indians and foreigners. It needs to be submitted every quarter, containing payment details and TDS deducted.


TDS Return Filing in

3 Simple Steps

At Bright Accounts, we have seamlessly simplified the TDS Return Filing journey for businesses. When you outsource these services to Bright Accounts you save both money and time. This makes your experience smooth, structured and easy. 

After the successful computation of your TDS Returns, we will review the returns one last time and then intimate you regarding the same .

Our tax advisors are not only certified Chartered Accountants but also have good experience.

Key Account Reconciliation

Key account reconciliation is a financial process that involves verifying the accuracy and consistency of financial records related to specific key accounts within a company. Key accounts typically include critical assets, liabilities, or equity accounts that have a significant impact on the overall financial health of the business. The reconciliation process aims to ensure that the balances reported in the company’s financial statements match the corresponding balances in the underlying accounting records. Common key accounts subject to reconciliation include:

The reconciliation process involves comparing transactions and balances in the general ledger with external sources, such as bank statements, invoices, and other supporting documents. Any discrepancies are investigated and resolved to maintain the accuracy and reliability of financial reporting.

Tax Reconciliations

Tax reconciliations involve comparing financial data recorded in a company’s accounting records with the information reported on tax returns. The purpose of tax reconciliations is to identify and rectify any discrepancies between the financial results calculated for accounting purposes and those used for tax reporting. This ensures compliance with tax laws and regulations and helps avoid penalties or audits.

Effective tax reconciliations help businesses avoid costly errors, ensure compliance with tax regulations, and provide a clear audit trail in the event of a tax audit. It’s an important process for maintaining transparency and accuracy in financial reporting and tax compliance.

Transaction Support Services

Business Contracts and Agreements

At Bright Accounts, we go beyond traditional accounting services. Our team of experienced professionals understands the intricate balance between financial expertise and legal acumen. We take pride in offering specialised assistance in the meticulous drafting of various business contracts and agreements, ensuring that your business transactions are solidly anchored in sound legal frameworks. 

Why Bright Accounts

Bright Accounts is here to assist with your Business Contracts and Agreements

Tailored Contract Drafting

Crafting sound and comprehensive contracts is crucial for the success of any business venture. Our chartered accountants at Bright Accounts leverage their expertise to draft meticulously tailored contracts and agreements that meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you require employment contracts, service agreements, partnership agreements, or any other business-related contract, we've got you covered.

Compliance Excellence

Navigating the complex landscape of legal regulations is a challenge for businesses. Our team conducts thorough compliance assessments to ensure that the contracts we draft align with industry standards and legal requirements. With Bright Accounts, you can trust that your business agreements are not only well-crafted but also legally sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accounting and bookkeeping are essential financial processes for any business. Accounting involves recording, summarising, and analysing financial transactions to provide a clear picture of a company’s financial health. Bookkeeping, on the other hand, focuses on the systematic recording of financial transactions.

Professional accounting and bookkeeping services ensure accuracy, compliance with regulations, and timely financial reporting. By outsourcing these tasks, you can focus on growing your business while experts handle your financial records efficiently.

These services offer several benefits, including accurate financial reporting, better decision-making based on financial data, compliance with tax regulations, and improved efficiency in managing finances.

Businesses of all sizes and types can benefit from professional accounting and bookkeeping services. Whether you’re a startup, small business, or large corporation, maintaining accurate financial records is crucial for sustainable growth and compliance.

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of our clients’ financial data. Our team follows strict protocols and utilizes advanced encryption methods to safeguard your information against unauthorized access or breaches.

Absolutely! We understand that every business is unique, and our services are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need basic bookkeeping or comprehensive accounting solutions, we can customize our services accordingly.

TDS Return Filing is the process of submitting a statement to the Income Tax Department containing details of tax deducted at source from various payments made to vendors, employees, contractors, etc. It is a mandatory requirement under Indian tax laws.

Failure to file TDS returns on time can lead to penalties and interest charges imposed by the Income Tax Department. Additionally, non-compliance may result in legal consequences and affect your compliance rating, leading to difficulties in obtaining various government approvals and licenses. It’s crucial to ensure timely and accurate filing of TDS returns to avoid any such repercussions.

Payroll Management Service is a comprehensive solution offered by Bright Accounts to handle all aspects of payroll processing for businesses. It involves calculating employee salaries, deductions, taxes, and ensuring timely disbursement of payments.

Payroll Management Service is a comprehensive solution offered by Bright Accounts to handle all aspects of payroll processing for businesses. It involves calculating employee salaries, deductions, taxes, and ensuring timely disbursement of payments.