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    Globalisation has rapidly expanded business opportunities across borders. In this global economy, obtaining an Import Export Code (IEC) Registration is important for  individuals and businesses who want to participate in international business and grow. 

    An Import Export Code (IEC) Registration is a mandatory requirement for anyone who is looking to engage in Import and Export activities on a global scale. Importers cannot proceed with importing goods without this code, and similarly, exporters cannot avail benefits from DGFT for export schemes without IEC. This code serves as an indispensable tool for facilitating and regulating international trade activities.

    The Import Export Code (IEC) offers various advantages, playing a key role in not only accessing international markets but also in uplifting the overall growth trajectory of the business.

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    Documents Checklist

    An Individual or a registered business can apply for IEC. In case of an individual only the Identity, Address and Bank Account Proof are required. In case of a registered business, the documents relating to the business are also required.

    Identity Proof

    Address Proof

    Address Proof

    Business Registration Proof

    Proof of Registered Office


    Registration Process

    in 3 Simple Steps

    At Bright Accounts, we have simplified the entire registration process of a Import Export Code (IEC) Registration into 3 simple steps. This makes your journey smooth, structured and easy.

    After the documents have been successfully verified, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) will issue your Import Export Code (IEC).


    What's Good

    about a Import Export Code (IEC) Registration

    Facilitating Business Expansion

    IEC serves as a gateway for businesses to access global markets, providing a seamless mechanism for the international expansion of products and services.

    Streamlined Application Procedure

    Obtaining an IEC code from DGFT is a straightforward process, typically taking up to 7 days upon application submission. The application doesn't require evidence of prior export or import transactions.

    Access to Multiple Benefits

    Companies with IEC registration can use the benefits provided by DGFT, Export Promotion Council, Customs, etc., enhancing the advantages available for their import and export operations.

    No Renewal Necessary

    Once acquired, an IEC code remains effective for the lifetime of the individual or the business entity. There is no need for renewal as well. It serves as a consistent identifier across all import and export transactions.

    No Return Filing Hassles

    IEC simplifies compliance by eliminating the need for filing returns. There is no renewal and even export transactions are exempted from obligatory returns to DGFT.

    What do you get

    when you register with our help

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    Checklist for Registration

    This checklist includes everything that you would need to obtain a IEC Registration. These are mandatory requirements.


    After of required documents by us, the up to 7 working days.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Commonly required documents for obtaining an Import Export Code (IEC) include PAN card, Aadhaar card, proof of address, bank certificate, and digital signature certificate (if applicable). Additional documents may be required based on the nature of the business and type of export or import activities.

      1. The timeline for obtaining an Import Export Code (IEC) depends on the processing time of the DGFT and the completeness of the application submitted. Typically, it takes around 1-2 weeks to receive the IEC after successful submission of the application.

      Having an IEC provides several benefits, including enabling businesses to engage in international trade, availing benefits under various export promotion schemes, establishing credibility with overseas suppliers and customers, and complying with customs regulations.

      Any individual or business entity involved in importing or exporting goods and services from India needs to obtain an Import Export Code (IEC). This includes manufacturers, traders, exporters, importers, and service providers.

      Yes, an IEC is mandatory for all types of imports and exports, except for certain categories of goods or services that are exempted by the DGFT. It is required for both commercial and non-commercial transactions involving the movement of goods and services across international borders.

      You can apply for an Import Export Code (IEC) online through the DGFT’s e-commerce portal by filling out the required application form, submitting necessary documents, and paying the prescribed fee. The process is simple and can be completed electronically..

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